Hydrodynamic high pressure washer

Hydrodynamic high pressure washer

Two-post hydro-mechanical cleaning unit

The two-post hydro-mechanical cleaning unit is designed for cleaning the internal cavities of the coils of technological tubular furnaces, pipelines for the oil, oil refining and petrochemical industries;

The hydro-mechanical cleaning unit consists of a high-performance centrifugal pump, diesel drive, gearbox, clutch, fuel tanks, buffer tank, strapping, automatic control system

diesel drive, valve system and control panel. The unit also includes all the necessary sensors for monitoring the pressure and pump performance, which allows you to control the cleaning process and objectively evaluate its results. Tracking the movement of the scraper in the cavity of the coil occurs on the monitor with the help of special software.


Nozzles are special devices that allow you to create a directional effect of a high-pressure water jet. Depending on the type of equipment being cleaned, various types of nozzles can be used, for example, for cleaning the heat exchanger tubes inside or outside, for cleaning the pipeline or 'm'.

The Krok company develops and uses various types of nozzles

  1. for cleaning pipelines:the cleaning projectile moves through the pipe, pushing off from the walls and cleaning them with water jets, while simultaneously cutting off dirt with cutting jets beating in the direction of movement. The rotation of the projectile around its axis by 360 degrees during movement allows for complete cleaning of the pipeline cavity. When the nozzle moves in the opposite direction, the cleaning products are pushed out of the pipeline.
  2. for cleaning of capacitive equipment:the cleaning projectile /nozzle is suspended or fixed with special equipment inside the container. Surface cleaning is achieved by cutting water jets when rotating the nozzle mechanisms in three dimensions and gradually moving it along the tank.
  3. for cleaning heat exchange equipment:To clean the inner surface of the heat exchanger tubes by the hydrodynamic method, reactive nozzles of a punchy action are used. Cleaning is achieved by moving the nozzle forward by pushing water jets away from the walls of the tubes and rotating the nozzle 360 degrees. Cleaning of the outer surface of the heat exchanger tubes is carried out by a high-pressure jet from a special gun.

High pressure hoses

High-pressure hoses are necessary to connect the high-pressure unit and various cleaning nozzles together. All hoses used have passed the manufacturer's burst pressure tests, are provided with the necessary certificates and are safe for operating personnel.

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